Why You Need to Clean Your Chimney Regularly

Having a fireplace in the house is one of the most popular of all amenities that people look for in a new home these days. However, not everyone who has a fireplace realizes that there is an important need to understand that you MUST maintain the cleanliness of your fireplace and the chimney, especially.

clean your chimney

Many people may not realize but there is a hidden danger that not everyone knows about or some don’t think that it is as serious as it really is. The danger involves chemicals (mostly pesticides) that are found deep inside the firewood that is used to burn inside most wood-burning fireplaces.

When this chemical that is burned and released into the smoke it forms a sticky substance called Creosote.

What makes Creosote so dangerous?

What makes Creosote so dangerous is two-fold, one you cannot see it as the logs are burning and the other thing is that it is coating the inside of your chimney and you do not even know that it is there.

Creosote is extremely sticky, but it is also highly flammable so that if too much builds up inside your fireplace.

So, the more you use the fireplace and burn wood, the more of this dangerous Creosote that will be building up on the inside of your chimney.

With all of that highly flammable substance all over the inside of the chimney you could end up with a fire and before you know it you entire chimney and possibly your attic could be engulfed in flames

Keeping the Creosote to a Minimum

One of the best ways to minimize the danger of an unexpected fire in your chimney from the unseen Creosote would be to keep the inside of the chimney clean.

Another way to help minimize the build-up of this dangerous Creosote is to be sure that you burn only dried and seasoned logs in your fireplace. If you are trying to burn unseasoned or wood that is partially wet it will not burn hot enough to reduce the release of Creosote.

Keeping it Clean

Depending on the frequency in which you use the fireplace and quality of wood that you are burning you will want to have the chimney inspected and cleaned out by a professional (Chimney Sweep) at least once a year.

A professional chimney cleaner knows your chimney inside and out, they will do a thorough inspection to evaluate the amount of build up of Creosote.

Once they have finished the evaluation they will do a complete cleanup job that will minimize the danger by removing all of the Creosote that has built up on the surfaces of the inside of the chimney liner.

There are a number of products that are on the market that claim to reduce or eliminate the amount of Creosote, but there really is not a substitute for use of a professional chimney cleaning service. Be sure that if you decide to try one or more of the cleaning products that you probably should still have it check for effectiveness.